Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finishing Learning 2.0

Woohoo! I am done with Learning 2.0! It was definitely an interesting experience, especially since I was a little weary at first. I am not the most technologically advanced person, but I was happy to explore new learning tools.

I think my favorite things were exploring google, listening to podcasts and finally understanding what the heck an RSS feed was! I felt really accomplished and hip after that assignment.

I can definitely see myself using a lot of these tools in the future, as a student and as a librarian.

As for ways to improve--I really liked the site and how the assignments were broken down, but it was frustrating to find broken links or be sent to pages with videos that didn't work. Other than that, I think the program is a great way to introduce students to new tools.


Library 2.0

So what does Library 2.0 mean to me?
I think it means being able to evaluate technology, become aware of its use and try to apply it to your own library, making the user's experience more well rounded and give them easier access to information. The idea of librarianship is a changing one, and the knowledge about different kinds of technology is imperative. Library 2.0 is like a brand new car with all the bells and whistles. Its not just books, card catalogs and reference desks...its new, fun ways of gaining information!

What does Library 2.0 mean to other people?
Michael Stephens-- "Into a new world of Librarianship"
Stephens believes that the library is user centered, that a 2.0 librarian embraces web 2.0, doesn't "buy technology for the sake of technology" , is aware of changes in advancing technology and is a trendspotter.

I agree with Stephens! I think that the Librarian in a Library 2.0 should be on top of trends, be aware of the user needs and embraces advances in technology because it makes the user's experience even better.

I liked this task!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exploring Other Web 2.0 tools

So I really enjoyed this exercise! I enjoyed checking out sites that were award winning, and it got me to go outside of just looking at the same pages every time I am on the internet.
Some of the sites I looked at were a site that allows readers to review restaurants and also gave price range, had a link to a menu and also included critic reviews. I can see myself using this site in the future! I have definitely used Yelp before, especially when I was living in a new places and didn't have any idea about where to eat, what to do and where to go! Its very handy. is a site that I have been using for years...Im pretty sure I used it before it even got popular! This is such a fantastic site that allows the user to choose a station and then also have similar artists. Its great for homework time as well as for parties, and also a great way to find out about new artists.

As for google , I have used many of these tools for school, work and for my personal life! I constantly was using the calendar this summer to see what my work schedule was, and to keep my life more organized!
I have used google docs to collaborate on projects and assignments for school and for past jobs..its really cool that different people can edit a document and its an easy way to keep organized.
I've also played with Google Sketch up before, and its a really fun way to build. It takes a little bit to get used to the program, but its a creative way to pass the time.
Goodness, I love google!


So I think that I like Zotero, but I also was hoping for something a little more magical than what I found. I was hoping for something a little different than End Note-- the software that UB offered us, but it seems to be pretty similar.

I didn't really love that Zotero was only an option for Mozilla, which meant that I had to download a whole new internet browser to get the add on. Once I did download it all, I was able to utilize the software to organize some of the information that I was looking at for another class.

I liked that Zotero helped me organize an article, and that I can come back to my library and pull a citation right off of there. Pretty cool! I will try to get in the habit of using zotero when I am writing papers and doing projects. But if I continue to just use Google Chrome, I may choose to use Endnote. I haven't decided just yet!