Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Library 2.0

So what does Library 2.0 mean to me?
I think it means being able to evaluate technology, become aware of its use and try to apply it to your own library, making the user's experience more well rounded and give them easier access to information. The idea of librarianship is a changing one, and the knowledge about different kinds of technology is imperative. Library 2.0 is like a brand new car with all the bells and whistles. Its not just books, card catalogs and reference desks...its new, fun ways of gaining information!

What does Library 2.0 mean to other people?
Michael Stephens-- "Into a new world of Librarianship"
Stephens believes that the library is user centered, that a 2.0 librarian embraces web 2.0, doesn't "buy technology for the sake of technology" , is aware of changes in advancing technology and is a trendspotter.

I agree with Stephens! I think that the Librarian in a Library 2.0 should be on top of trends, be aware of the user needs and embraces advances in technology because it makes the user's experience even better.

I liked this task!

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