Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finishing Learning 2.0

Woohoo! I am done with Learning 2.0! It was definitely an interesting experience, especially since I was a little weary at first. I am not the most technologically advanced person, but I was happy to explore new learning tools.

I think my favorite things were exploring google, listening to podcasts and finally understanding what the heck an RSS feed was! I felt really accomplished and hip after that assignment.

I can definitely see myself using a lot of these tools in the future, as a student and as a librarian.

As for ways to improve--I really liked the site and how the assignments were broken down, but it was frustrating to find broken links or be sent to pages with videos that didn't work. Other than that, I think the program is a great way to introduce students to new tools.


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  1. Hi Kathryn, I'm with you on the RSS feed. I always wondered what that stood for. I would always see that little orange button and never click on it. Now, I find myself looking for them so that I can subscribe to a Website or blog.