Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keep on going!

I am nearing the end of my research, and I am still not sure if I have a definitive answer. Currently, I am trying to find different email options for schools and have spoken to a few teachers about what they have their students use and also trying to find more opinions on the gmail system.

Its a little frustrating because I am nervous about my references, because they are mostly opinions found in blogs and forums! I am trying to find facts hiding between personal experiences and opinions. We shall see!

I am still happy with the I-Search model because it is flexible. As I am going along with my research, I am making sure to reflect on how a student would use it, and I think it would be an excellent research model for students. Younger students who are just beginning to do research may find this model especially useful, because it is simple and flexible! I will be sure to have a more thorough reflection for the final product, but for now, I will continue to work toward an answer to my research question!


  1. Hi Katie,
    I think you hit the main vein in researching these technologies for use in the schools; fact finding amongst opinions and personal experiences. I guess that's why it takes so long for standards and best practices to be developed. Of course by then, the technology has probably changed.

    I've recently had some troubling issues with kids using the school gmail system. Some kids have been using Google docs to bully other kids in our elementary school. Whatever email system the school adopts, I think it's important to educate the kids on appropriate ways to use it. It seems to be a fundamental step that is lacking in implementing many new technologies.

  2. In your previous post you explained some features of the gmail system, it does seem to have adavantages over the current system the school I work for has. I like the fact that it allows for collaboration on documents.

    I have also found the research process difficult at times during this project. I think it is important to keep digging. I feel using opinions for research can give you a different perspective on a topic and provide for deeper research. It looks like you are doing a great job! JOdy

  3. Have you accessed the UB library database for electric journals or a social networking site? Perhaps the school library journal publication might have some resources for you. I hope this helps :)I agree that the I-Search model is flexible and a great inquiry model to utilize in completing a research project. I feel it might be difficult for beginner researchers however and would require a lot of guidance in certain steps from the teacher and librarian.

  4. I personally believe opinions should be held with a more higher regard. After all it all comes down to the opinion of a committee to change the email system over to gmail. Opinions help us examine what we like and don't like a bout a system. Every hypothesis that needs examination is really a form of opinion if you think about it. So don't underestimate the true power of someone else thought on a product.

  5. I think it is great that you are trying to keep in mind how children will be using the email systems. I personally have encountered several email systems that I do not think would be very child-friendly so this is important to consider. It sounds like you are making progress despite your frustrations and I hope things are going well as you finish up your research!