Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exploring Podcasts

NPR was constantly on in the background as I grew up. Because of this, I turned to podcasts of the programs my parents and I followed after I moved away from home. Not only did it satiate my homesickness, but I also was able to keep up with my favorite radio characters (David Sedaris, Ira Glass and the Car Talk brothers). So I was already familiar with podcasts before this assignment but it was really interesting to look through the other sites and see what was offered.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety there was in the podcasts I looked at. People interested in politics, music, Harry Potter, sewing, mystery, comedy and everything in between all had an option. I also was impressed by ItunesU. I knew what it was because my professor in 505 actually uses it in our class for the online class she also teaches, but didn't know how many options and interesting things you can learn from it. It is a site that Adult Learners can use to learn new things and I also was so impressed by how accessible it was. I may even use it for myself in the future!


  1. Kathryn,

    I enjoy listening to NPR during my daily commute (three hours total). I do prefer the Rochester station WRUR to the Buffalo station. I am curious regarding your use of podcasts. When do you listen? I record music to enjoy at a later time (working out) but have yet to see how podcasts will fit into my life. Are you willing to share an example or two?
    Katie Loveless

  2. I think that we might come from the same family. My parents are NPR fiends: This American Life, Car Talk, Fresh Air, and Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me are constantly on the radio in the kitchen. These shows not only get me through the 7 hour car ride from my parents to Buffalo, but bring up great feelings of nostalgia. Since discovering that podcasts make car time go faster I have branched out a little to include Filmspotting, but I do give my parents and the kitchen radio full credit for my affinity for NPR.

  3. Wow, what is it with library school students and NPR? :) Your post made me laugh because I always used to roll my eyes when my parents turned on "Car Talk"...and then after leaving for college I became a regular listener.